Conor McGregor’s Incredible Response To Judge Asking How Much He Earns


Conor McGregor revealed to a judge the hefty sum he was paid for his last fight.

The UFC star appeared in court for a speeding penalty and was fined £350, an amount which must be paid within the next two months.

Conor McGregor, aka The Notorious, was initially reprimanded by the judge for not appearing on time, making it the third time he’d failed to show up in court.

Yet the Irish MMA champ made a last minute dash across Dublin in order to appear early this afternoon.

Following McGregor’s guilty plea, Judge Miriam Walsh couldn’t hold back from asking him how much he earns.

As reported by the Mirror, Judge Walsh said:

I have to ask you the question… how much do you earn? Please don’t tell me you earn more than €110 million in a day?

Laughing at her question, he replied:

€140 million.

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McGregor was charged with breaking the speed limit, he was driving at 60mph speed through Dublin on March 13 of this year.

The 29-year-old dad said to the judge:

I got the fixed charge notice and attempted to pay it. I didn’t pay and that’s it.

To which the judge replied:

That’s not it

She went on to urge him to slow down and ‘take cognisance of other people using the road’.

He then apologised and said:

I’ll pay the fine.

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McGregor is the UFC lightweight champion, but his last fight was in a boxing ring in August when he took on Floyd Mayweather.

It was one of the most highly anticipated fights in the history of the sport, so he’s definitely got enough to pay his fine.