Conor McGregor’s Latest Picture Has Made People Very Suspicious

by : Francesca Donovan on : 19 May 2017 13:05

The Notorious has been not-so-humble-bragging about his new pride on joy on social media and people have noticed something strange.


Before you get blinded by the veritable smorgasbord of shiny belts on display in Conor McGregor‘s latest post, his new pride and joy is, of course, sitting pretty amid his dad’s accolades of athletic achievement.

McGregor and his long-term partner, Dee Devlin welcomed their firstborn – aptly named Conor McGregor – last week. In the ensuing social media posts, some hawk-eyed fans have looked beyond the bouncing baby boy noticed something is afoot.

Sharing the cute photograph of his boy and his UFC belts, McGregor wrote, ‘Let’s go get some boxing ones now son.’


Four belts and a baby might have been more apt, despite the fact that record-breaking McGregor is the recipient of a mere three UFC belts.

Claiming his first belt against Chad Mendes in 2015, his second came later that year against Jose Aldo. McGregor fought for his third and final belt in November 2016 against Eddie Alvarez.


Something doesn’t add up.

But the Internet Detectives think they’ve figured out the source of McGregor’s fourth belt, tracing it all the way back to UFC 205, when The Notorious became the first fighter in UFC history to hold world titles in two different weight divisions at the same time.

The antagonistically entertaining fighter was pissed he couldn’t hold both the featherweight and lightweight champion belts in the ring to celebrate and – fearing they’d lose their cash-cow darling – the UFC happily obliged his request by giving him the welterweight title belt, belonging to Tyron Woodley, to play with.

Although Dana White instantly confirmed Woodley was given his belt back at the UFC 205 press conference, from the looks of this latest photo, it looks a little like McGregor keeps forgetting to return it.


I’m sure Conor will be quick to snap back at those accusing him of keeping Woodley’s belt, just a day after The Notorious signed an ‘historic contract‘ to fight Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

After all, the guy has never been one to back down.

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