McGregor’s Sparring Partner Reveals How To Make Him ‘Whimper Like Little Girl’


Fights fans are becoming more interested in seeing the sparring sessions that took place between Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi then they are for McGregor’s fight against Mayweather – well it’s starting to feel like that!

A number of images have surfaced appearing to show UFC star McGregor knock down the former boxer WBA welterweight champ, but Magic Man Malignaggi has hit out claiming they don’t paint an accurate picture of what really happened.

Unfortunately for us, McGregor is the sole owner of the footage so we probably won’t get to see what actually happened when the pair met inside the ring.

Malignaggi had been helping The Notorious prepare for his upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather and over the last few days, has tweeted relentlessly about what went on.

Now, the former boxing champion has claimed he made McGregor whimper with body shots:

Like a little girl.

Despite insisting that he dealt with McGregor during their sparring, the Brooklyn boxer left the McGregor camp that same day after reportedly becoming unhappy with how the training was being portrayed via the Irishman’s social media.

A photo showing Malignaggi floored on a mat appeared on McGregor’s Twitter, suggesting that he’d dropped ‘Magic Man’ but Malignaggi is defiant about what actually occurred.

Malignaggi has said it was no more than a pushdown and adamant it was just a well-timed shot from McGregor’s photographers

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Despite walking away from McGregor’s training camp for being unhappy with the alleged deception the image portrayed, Malignaggi hasn’t shut up about the incident since.

Less than three weeks now until McGregor takes on Mayweather on August 26 – so I’d say that’s about another three weeks of back-and-forth between the two camps!