Conor McGregor’s Suit Had A Savage Message For Floyd Mayweather On It


Trash talk is nothing new in the world of professional sport but Conor McGregor may have elevated it to a new level.

Kicking off their international press tour for their 26 August fight both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor came on stage for a war of words.

While most sport pundits seem to agree that it was Mayweather who triumphed in the trash talk McGregor may have gotten one over his opponent without even opening his mouth.

You see hidden in his suits pinstripes McGregor had gotten his tailor to hide a message for his opponent, namely: ‘fuck you’.

Of course McGregor wasn’t shy about publicly smacking down his opponent either while also declaring it’s he who’ll triumph in the ring.

According to The Guardian he said:

He’s in a fucking track suit. He can’t even afford a suit anymore! The Rolls is a 2012 outside. He is fooked!

There’s no other way about it. His little legs, his little core, his little head. I’m going to knock him out inside of four rounds, mark my words.

The movement, the power, the ferociousness. He’s not experienced this. He’s fought people who have shied away fro, him. I don’t fear this limited set of fighting. This is a limited set of rules that makes this half a fight, a quarter of a fight. If this was a true fight, it wouldn’t even take one round. … What can I say, I’m a young confident happy man that has worked extremely hard for this.


Mayweather wasn’t willing to take these insults lying down however, declaring that on August 26, he’s ‘gonna knock this bitch out too’.

We’ll have to wait ’til the end of next month to determine which of these fighters can deliver on the trash talk.