Cristiano Ronaldo Confirms Girlfriend Is Pregnant With Fourth Child

Cristiano Ronaldoinstagram/cristiano

Less than a month after announcing the birth of his twins, Cristiano Ronaldo has confirmed that his girlfriend is pregnant with what will be his fourth child.

In case you’re thinking it’s a bit soon, all is not so simple.

The twins, Eva and Mateo, were born via an unknown surrogate mother.

Cristiano Ronaldoinstagram/ cristiano

But now his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez has been confirmed as pregnant by Cristiano in an interview with Spanish news outlet El Mundo.

He was said to be ‘very happy’ about the announcement.

It really seems he’s loving his growing family, as his recent instagram posts have been all about that familial love.

Cristiano Ronaldoinstagram/cristiano

In a post not long after the arrival of his twins, he posted:

“Happy to be able to hold the two new loves of my life.”

Cristiano’s first child, Cristiano Jr, is 7 years old. No-one knows who his mum is, but she allegedly lives in San Diego and was paid the equivalent of £10million so that Cristiano Ronaldo could have custody of the child.

Rumours had been circulating for some time about whether Rodriguez was pregnant, after an increasing baby bump was showing up on her insta pics.

Cristiano Ronaldoinstagram/cristiano

They began dating last year, and she has already become buddies with Ronaldo’s little one.

They apparently met at a VIP Dolce and Gabbana party (of course they did) where they hit it off straight away.

I know, my head hurts too. He had one kid with an unknown mother, two more via surrogate and now he’s having a fourth one with his new girlfriend just a month after the other two were born. Wow.

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But still, he seems to have a bit family around him, and definitely has the money for a nanny.

As long as he, his girlfriend and his kids are happy then I suppose no-one can judge.