Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves Massive €20,000 Tip For Staff At Hotel He Stayed In

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Cristiano Ronaldo shocked hotel workers at a holiday resort in Greece when he left a massive €20,000 tip prior to his move to Juventus on his post World Cup break.

The 33-year-old was said to be so impressed by the service he dished out a five-figure complimentary sum to the delight and surprise of staff.

Mr Money Bags is currently enjoying a well-deserved post season break in Greece with his partner Georgina Rodriguez and their young son, Cristiano Jr.


According to ESPN, Juventus president Andrea Agnelli journeyed to Greece to discuss the plus €100 million transfer deal with Ronaldo face-to-face at his hotel.

Cristiano Ronaldo holds up his shirt.Cristiano Ronaldo holds up his shirt.PA

In the meantime, it seems Cristiano was so taken by the hospitality at the Costa Navarino resort he decided to tip the staff a cool €20,000 (£17,850), The Guardian reports. What an age we live in.

Greek sports mag Sportime.gr reported:


The 10 employees, who had been tasked with providing services to Ronaldo’s family and to keep them away from the paparazzi, each received €2,000


Ronaldo checked in to the five star resort after Portugal’s exit from the World Cup, and spent 10 days with family and friends in the Royal Methoni villa, taking in the the amenities including round-the-clock butler service and sand dunes to keep paparazzi at bay.

However, never one to miss the limelight, the proud hosts took to social media to share their joy at taking care of (probably) the best footballer in the world.

ronaldo holiday tip hotelronaldo holiday tip hotelCosta Navarino/Instagram

In an Instagram Story they wrote:


It was an honour and a great experience for our team to look after cristiano ronaldo and his family. A big thank you @cristiano for being part of our story.

Speculations about Ronaldo’s future in the Spanish capital gained momentum in May 2018, when he spoke about his time at the club in the past tense following their 3-1 victory over Liverpool in the 2018 Champions League Final.

This high profile transfer has set a new club record signing for Juventus, eclipsing their €90m acquisition of Gonzalo Higuain.

Costa Navarino/Instagram

Ronaldo will be given a basic annual salary of €30m, which is quite a large leap from the €23.6 million he earned while at Real Madrid, but not entirely insane when you consider how many shirts the man can sell on top of the being really good at football.

Speaking of, here’s what his former club had to say about his departure:

Real Madrid CF communicates that, in response to the will and request expressed by the player Cristiano Ronaldo, he has agreed to transfer to Juventus FC.

Today, Real Madrid wants to express its gratitude to a player who has proved to be the best in the world and who has marked one of the brightest times in the history of our club and world football.

Beyond the conquered titles, the trophies achieved and the triumphs achieved in the playing fields during these 9 years, Cristiano Ronaldo has been an example of dedication, work, responsibility, talent and improvement.

He has also become the top scorer in the history of Real Madrid with 451 goals in 438 games. In total 16 titles, including 4 European Cups, 3 of them consecutive and 4 in the last 5 seasons. On an individual basis, with the Real Madrid jersey he has won 4 Gold Balls, 2 The Best, and 3 Gold Boots, among many other awards.

For Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo will always be one of his great symbols and a unique reference for the next generations.

Real Madrid will always be your home.


A bit sentimental. I doubt Ronaldo will be phased by ‘miss you x’ text in statement form.

The striker will be earning £26,545,154 a year at Juventus. That’s £2,212,096 per month.

Over the next four years, for example, he will amass (if he doesn’t go spending it all!!) £106,180,616.

£510,483 a week folks. You know when your kids start acting up and saying they don’t wanna go to football practice? Force them. One day you’ll thank me.

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