Cristiano Ronaldo Loses Plot With Journalist In Epic Fashion


It’s not been the best of weeks for Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Real Madrid and Portugal star has seen his side – and his own aim in front of goal – falter at Euro 2016, all the while watching (or trying not to watch) Lionel Messi rip the Copa America up.

When you think about that, combined with his penalty miss, you can understand why he might not be in the best of moods, and after one reporter dared to try and interrupt his morning walk, Ronaldo made them pay for it. Big time.

Have a look at this.

Given his reaction, it’s easy to joke that the reporter asked him what he thought of Messi’s record breaking night at the Copa America, but in reality, it was all because of a long standing feud between Ronaldo and the TV station the journo works for – CMTV.

CMTV, who have posted rather inflammatory, and Ronaldo says slanderous stories about himself, his family, and the Portuguese national team in the past – and it’s not the first time he’s refused to talk to them.