Cristiano Ronaldo Loses The Plot With Seriously Over Enthusiastic Fan

Real Madrid CF v Juventus  - UEFA Champions League Semi FinalGetty

If there’s one thing that’s annoying as hell these days, it’s selfies.

You can’t look on social media without being faced with dozens of girls posting daily selfies, or walk down the street without accidentally photo bombing a pair of selfie taking teenagers.

And apparently, Cristiano Ronaldo shares the pain.


The Portuguese superstar is currently enjoying a much needed holiday, after winning the Champions League and European Championships this season, and was walking down a street in California when a crowd appeared.

Nothing new for Cristiano, but when one fan sprinted alongside him for a selfie, CR7 clearly took issue and shoved him aside.

Check it out:


Many will give Ronaldo stick for this as usual, but when someone runs up beside you for an unwanted selfie, it’s not the worst thing to give them a shove away.

The Real Madrid star is regularly seen giving fans selfies and shirts, as well as doing more than his fair share for charities.

You get the feeling if the kid had asked, he’d have probably got his all important selfie, but instead decided to force one with a guy who clearly wasn’t in the mood.

He’s lucky he didn’t get a shove off the absolute mountain on Ronaldo’s other shoulder.