Footage Before Portugal’s Penalties Shows VERY Different Side To Ronaldo

Real Madrid CF v Juventus  - UEFA Champions League Semi FinalGetty

Love him or hate him, when you think of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the main things that springs to mind is his ego.

He has a reputation as one of the most self-centred men on the planet (let alone the game), not to mention someone who is supremely confident in his own ability – fair enough really.

But during Portugal’s clash with Poland in the quarter finals of Euro 2016, Ronaldo showed another side to his personality – one that suggests some maturity in the latter stage of his career.

CR7 can be seen encouraging Joao Moutinho to prepare for taking a penalty in the decisive shootout, raising his team mate’s spirits as he trudges towards Ronaldo.

Check it out:

Maybe this is a sign of Ronaldo’s personality changing as he gets older and realises that he can help his team more by influencing them, rather than taking on everything himself.

A few years back, Cristiano would have only been bothered with guaranteeing himself the winning penalty, rather than doing all he can to ensure his team mates are successful with their spot kicks, so this is a good sign.

It’s common knowledge that Ronaldo wants to taste glory with his country to complete his career, so maybe he’s finally seen that being part of a team is a much quicker way of reaching the pinnacle of international football.