Dad ‘Miraculously’ Brought Back To Life By Favourite Football Chant


Some people are just so dedicated to their team the only thing that could wake them up after a stroke is the sweet sound of a football chant.

Tony Kemp, a Plymouth Argyle supporter, suffered a mini-stroke and had to have an 18-hour brain operation.

However, the 59-year-old lapsed into a coma after the operation and was left battling for his life in intensive care – and his family were told to ‘prepare for the worst’.

Tony’s wife Danna was told by doctors her husband’s life-support machine would be switched off in 48 hours if he failed to show any signs of recovery.

Danna sat by her husband’s bedside for two days as the 48 hour deadline approached – but as a last attempt she said she played some Home Park football chants on her iPad, according to The Herald.

Amazingly, Tony opened his eyes when she played The Janner Song, which had been recorded by local fans The Sensational Barnet Brothers along with some of the Argyle squad.

Danna said:

When the surgeon asked me to go and speak to him my first thought was ‘he’s gone’.

We were told that if he didn’t show any signs of life then his life support would be turned off in 48 hours.

We tried talking to him, squeezing his hand and playing him music but there was nothing. I brought the kids to see him. We decided to play some Argyle chants, which is when he opened his eyes.


The father-of-three, and grandfather of two, who hails from Plymouth, needed a tracheotomy to breathe after recovering from the coma.

But just a day later the tubes were removed and his family said the avid footy fan is making an ‘amazing recovery’, according to The Express.

Danna said:

He is now walking and going to the shops independently, but his memory is not how it used to be.

Previously he knew all the players but now it’s a real struggle.

Despite the memory loss, Tony is back at Home Park cheering on his beloved team.

Janner is a local word referring to someone who’s from Plymouth, the Janner Song is played over the tannoy at home games.