Dana White Reveals What He Told Ronda Rousey After UFC 207 Loss


Since Ronda Rousey suffered a knock out in 48 seconds at the hands of Amanda Nunes, the world of UFC has spun into confusion with many people weighing in with their opinions about the brutal defeat.

Following the shock result of the UFC 207 bantamweight bout, we’ve heard from Ronda, her mum, Nunes and a collection of different main players in the UFC.

However, Dana White has now spoken out, championing Rousey and the work she’s done for women’s MMA.


According to ESPN, White said:

I must have had tears, blood and boogers all over my fucking jacket. I went in there and hugged her for 45 minutes.

I told her, ‘I love you so much, and whatever you want to do next, I got your back. You built this. This doesn’t exist without you. You’re the best decision I ever made.’


Many sports commentators believe Ronda’s competitive champion spirit drove her to come back to the Octagon, after she was brutally defeated by Holly Holm in 2015.

Before her latest fight, Rousey said:

I want to be able to walk away with my head held high.

It’s like a painter looking at what he made and knowing it’s not done yet. You could get away with it. You could sell that painting and it would sell.

But you’ll always know it was never as good as it could have been. I don’t want ‘good enough’ to be my legacy.


Ronda Rousey changed the world of UFC, and the way the world sees the physical ability of women, throughout her glittering five-year career.

Her fans wait with baited breath to bear witness to Rousey’s next move.