David Beckham Humiliates Son Brooklyn With Epic Dad Jokes On Facebook


There’s nothing like a good trolling between family members.

Needless to say, the Beckham family – with their collective army of social media followers – are the masters at calling out kin.

The head of the household, David Beckham has schooled his kids on the dog-eat-dog ways of the world time and time again, never backing down from an opportunity to take his superstar spawn down a peg or two.


This time, 17-year-old Brooklyn has fallen victim to the former footballer’s quick keyboard quips.

When Brooklyn went live earlier today on Facebook, the last thing he expected was for his dad to pop up and question his whereabouts.

Beckham Senior commented on the stream, perfectly emulating embarrassing parents everywhere, saying, ‘U should be at school’.


Just like a relaxed Sunday with the family, the roasting didn’t stop there though.

Brooklyn – a budding photographer and high end model who prides himself on his personal style – no doubt got hot under the collar when his dad criticised his wardrobe choices.

David went onto claim that Brooklyn had pilfered his shirt.


Fair play, if my dad had been voted the most stylish man in the world as many times as David Beckham, I think I’d try and pinch some of that trademark style too.

For all the family hilarity and well-meant jesting, at least we all know they can afford the therapy required after such a public burning.