David Beckham Shows Off New Bizarre Head Tattoo

David Beckham Shows Off New Bizarre Head TattooGetty

David Beckham has had a new haircut and has been showing off a pretty impressive solar system scalp tattoo in the process.

Becks showed off his ink at a charity event in Macau, China.

The tattoo, which has been inked above his ear, is a solar system-inspired design – and it looks great.

Becks has been adding to his tattoo collection for many years now, and sports some fantastic designs, including an angel on his right bicep/shoulder, birds, flowers, and names.

David’s son, Brooklyn, clearly shares his dad’s love of tattoos and is on the path to catch up on the number of tatts.

The 19-year-old already has around 15 tattoos, getting his first one a year ago on his 18th birthday. Some of his art includes a heart on his arm and a number seven on his finger – in honour of Becks’ football shirt number.

The budding photographer’s latest tattoo is a pin-up girl on his forearm.


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One of his tattoos is the word, or name, ‘Buster’, and another says ‘dvbrch’.

Buster is David’s nickname for Brooklyn, while ‘dvbrch’ appears to be the initials of the family members, David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.


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David returned home from his trip to China feeling pretty jet-lagged, as you would, and shortly after, he replied to a message his mum, Sandra, had sent him.

The message he received simply read:

Hi just wondering if your home. [sic]

But Beckham replied:

Hey your hot back this morning went to the country now at […] just going to bed soon.

As you can probably imagine, it’s the first three words David sent to his mum which got most people talking. ‘Hey your hot’. Awkward. Well, only awkward if you make it awkward.

David Beckham Shows Off New Bizarre Head TattooDavid Beckham/Instagram

Becks posted the conversation to his Instagram story, writing over it: 

When you are jet lagged and send your mum the wrong message.

The Beckham family are masters at calling out each other on social media.

David has schooled his kids on the dog-eat-dog ways of the world, time and time again, never backing down from an opportunity to take his superstar spawn down a peg or two.

When Brooklyn went live on Facebook, the last thing he probably expected was for his dad to pop up and question his whereabouts – but he did.

David Beckham Shows Off New Bizarre Head Tattoo Brooklyn Beckham/Facebook

Becks commented on the stream, perfectly emulating embarrassing parents everywhere, saying, ‘U should be at school’.

Brooklyn – who prides himself on his personal style – no doubt got hot under the collar when his dad criticised his wardrobe choices.

David went onto claim that Brooklyn had pilfered his shirt.

A few years ago Becks popped up in one of Brooklyn’s videos – back when he reached one million Insta followers (compared to the 11 million he has now!).

Recording a video, Brooklyn, clearly pleased he’d reached the milestone, tells his fans: ‘I just reached a million followers’.

Becks then pops his head over Brooklyn’s shoulder and says: ‘I’ve got 52 [million].’

Watch the clip here:

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