David Beckham Still Makes A Sh*t Tonne Of Cash After Retiring

becks-wikim2Alex Roig

The football legend may have retired three years ago but our beloved ‘Goldenballs’ is still raking in the dollar. BIG time.

We’re not talking about a few quid here and there, oh no no, our favourite ex-player is pocketing MILLIONS, without  going anywhere near the pitch.



The Sun has reported that Becks has pulled in a staggering £11.1 million this year alone.

The now global icon has his fingers in many pies, splattering his handsome face across Haig whisky, Calvin Kleins, aftershave and Adidas products to name but a few.

Then he just sits back, relaxes and watches the wonga roll in.

Dammit why can’t I just be him.


As if that’s not enough to keep him and his clan going, (although I guess he does have a mansion or two and Posh as a wife) he even takes in a further £8.7 million on top of that meagre sum, because of his company Footwork Productions.

And these don’t even include his shares in other companies….


I can’t even…

So. In total then, Forbes Magazine worked out that last year he earned around £50 million, whereas The Sunday Times Rich List supposed that Posh and Becks combined are worth a ridiculous £280 million.


For real.


This INSANE amount of earnings places him as one of the richest and STILL highest-earning retired athlete in the world.

Despite the fact he’s no longer playing the holy game, he is earning the same amount as the football stars in the Premier League’s highest paid bracket.



He is so incredibly famous that, on an international scale, there are very few male celebrities who can compete to his crazy advertising potential say industry experts.


Literally can’t deal with the mega-bucks our footie hero is worth.

Hats off to him, he’s worth every penny.