Denmark Goalkeeper Responds Brutally When Asked How He’ll Stop It Coming Home For England

by : Emily Brown on : 07 Jul 2021 07:55
Denmark Goalkeeper Has Brutal Response To Journalist When Asked How He’ll Stop It Coming Home For EnglandITV Football/Twitter

Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel wasted no time in delivering a brutal and witty response when a journalist asked him how his team would stop football ‘coming home’ for England.

The phrase ‘it’s coming home’ has probably been used more times in the last month or so than the phrase ‘do you want a cup of tea’, which, when it comes to England, is really saying something.


Whether sung, screamed or typed in an excited tweet, the words are synonymous with the hope of England winning a major football tournament – or in this particular case, the Euros.

England fan with 'it's coming home' banner (PA Images)PA Images

England’s opponents are no doubt also familiar with the phrase thanks to fans chanting it in the stands, so when a reporter came face to face with Schmeichel, who will be playing against England in the semi-final tonight, he of course had to work the phrase into his question.

Addressing the goalkeeper, the reporter asked: ‘You’ll be particularly aware of the phrase ‘it’s coming home’, now what would it mean to you guys to stop it coming home?’


Schmeichel was quick to imply that the pressure to prevent England from winning wasn’t necessarily on his team’s shoulders as he pointed out in spite of the team’s best efforts, England hasn’t won a major tournament since the 1966 World Cup.

Check out his response below:

He hit back: ‘Has it ever been home? I don’t know, have you ever won it?’


The reporter noted the World Cup win, but Schmeichel argued that wasn’t the Euros, indicating he wasn’t particularly worried about the match which is set to take place tonight, July 7.

He continued:

To be honest I haven’t given any thought to what it would mean to stop England. It’s more what it would do for Denmark. I’ve focused very little on the England team.

It’s what it would do for our country back home. The joy it would bring to five million back home to do something like that, to compete with the nations we are competing with. Not really a lot of feelings for England on this.

England manager Gareth Southgate (PA Images)PA Images

The goalkeeper noted that England has a number of world stars in its midst, meaning ‘the expectations are always going to be high’ while expressing his belief that such a team would not be affected by ‘what the country expects of them.’

He added: ‘But they respect us. They know we are going to fight until the end.’

Should England defy Schmeichel’s seemingly carefree nature and secure a win over Denmark, the team will have successfully made it to their first final in 55 years.

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