Deontay Wilder Tweets ‘Proof’ He Beat Tyson Fury In Controversial Draw

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Boxer Deontay Wilder has released footage he claims is ‘proof’ he beat Tyson Fury in last weekend’s fight which ended in a controversial draw.


Wilder, well known by his nickname the Bronze Bomber, took to Twitter earlier today (December 5) to share a video he alleges proves Fury didn’t make the vital 10 second count when the American knocked him down in the 12th round.

Despite Fury dominating the early rounds, in both the ninth and and final rounds he was knocked down, which is thought to have cost him the win as judges determined the fight a draw.

Naturally both boxers feel somewhat angry over the result but Wilder’s taken it a step further by sharing the footage – which he uses to back his claim the fight should have been stopped in that crucial final round.


The video, which Wilder credited to ‘realboxingtalk101’, is captioned:

proof Fury didn’t make the count.

In the footage, Wilder knocks down Fury with the ten second countdown starting as soon as the fighter hits the ground.

When the clock hits 10 seconds, Fury can be seen still on his knees as he attempts to get up with the referee cowering over him doing the count.

Check it out here:

Wilder also angrily wrote alongside the video:

And still keep the vids coming for The Sick MFs That hate I won, The Blind MFs that can’t face reality and the MFs that just don’t want to see US Succeed. [sic]


While some did support Wilder in the comments, the majority dismissed his ‘proof’ saying it’s about time he acknowledges the draw and gets to work training for the inevitable rematch.

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This follows Wilder saying earlier in the week he broke his arm during early stages of his training for the hotly anticipated fight.

As reported by talkSPORT, the American boxer told reporters in LA he broke his arm 12 weeks before camp, having to undergo surgery.

He said:

Twelve weeks before camp I broke my [right] arm. We kept that a secret. I had surgery and everything. All the way up here I got cut.

I was sparring, just getting ready and I was getting the best of my sparring partner. I was going to the body and he turned. His elbow was out. My bones and his elbow went in like a hammer to a nail and it just broke it.

Wilder added the reason he kept it quiet until now is because he didn’t want the injury to be seen as an excuse – and still doesn’t.

With fans expecting a rematch, Wilder confirmed this is exactly what he wants too saying he ‘can’t wait’ to fight Fury again, in an Instagram post.

He also praised the referee adding:

The ref Jack Reiss is an amazing ref in which I’ve had the pleasure to work with on several occasions and he did a great job and at the end of the day boxing wins, the fans are the real winner and I can’t wait for Wilder Fury 2 to end the controversial talk around the world once and for all! [sic]


So keep your eyes out for more details on the potential rematch!

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