Deontay Wilder’s Face When Tyson Fury Got Up From Knockdown Was Perfect

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An incredible fight with an incredibly unjust outcome saw the hashtag #robbed trending on Twitter today.

Anyone who watched the spectacular fight between Manchester’s own Tyson Fury and American Deontay Wilder will remember the rapturous moment the Gypsy King stood up in the 12th round after being floored by a right and left hook from Wilder.

You could see Fury stunned on the floor, and the determination in his eyes forcing him to get up and not only complete the fight, but in the opinions of pretty much everyone except the judge, win the fight.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson FuryGetty

Not even Deontay Wilder expected Fury to get up after he gave him a powerful right hook, followed by a left in the cheek.

Suddenly, when we all thought The Gypsy King was about to bring it home, Deontay served one of his notorious right hooks and it seemed like the end.

All 6ft 9 inches and 117kg of Fury stood up, and Wilder’s face when he did so is a sight to be seen.

Wilder had already done a round of the ring and celebrated what he thought was a knockout, so when he saw Fury coming back for more, there was a look of ‘you’re f**king kidding me’ in his eye.

Going into the fight, Fury was the bookies’ outsider, albeit only just, despite having favourable attributes against Wilder. Fury, at 6ft 9 had the height advantage, the reach advantage, and the age advantage being three years younger than The Bronze Bomber.

Despite being the first man to beat Wladimir Klitschko in over 11 years, Fury going into the fight as the underdog was for one obvious reason: ring rust. He’d been out the ring for over two years before two quick warm-up fights being signing the contract for the most exciting, and terrifying, bout of 2018. But now it’s game over. And although boxing fans were greeted to one of the best bouts of boxing in history – with many dubbing Fury the unanimous champion, the judges scored it a split decision draw (Golovkin/Alvarez springs to mind).

Many significant boxers think the outcome was an absolute disgrace.

Former WBC Heavyweight champion Frank Bruno wrote on Twitter:

Massive respect to @Tyson_Fury he’s a champ, a phenomenal comeback I’ve never shouted so much at a tv, be proud you’ve brought so much excitement to British boxing tonight congratulations your a winner in my eyes & the rest of the UK

Draw my arse!

Leon Mckenzie wrote:

Corruption ruining boxing. Thank you @Tyson_Fury you won that fight and great speech. True champion what a performance.

Fury dominated the entire fight from start to finish. Despite one minor knock down and one absolute catastrophic one. But forget that. He won a minimum 10 rounds, according to boxing pundits across the globe.

Not only did Fury hammer Wilder, making him miss almost every single shot, he gave Wilder a lesson in boxing. Yet what do we end up with. A draw.

Anyone with eyes and a soul knows who the real winner was.

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