Diego Costa Gets Into Most Bizzare Fight Yet During Pre Season

Diego Costa Getty shirt ripGetty

Diego Costa is a mad bastard.

He could start a fight in an empty room, and you get the feeling if there was one cookie left in the biscuit jar, he’d shoulder charge your Nan to get it.

So maybe it’s no surprise the forward has had another fight during Chelsea’s pre season match with Werder Bremen – although he decided to mix it up a bit when it came to just who (or what) he was fighting.

Costa Getty AngryGetty

Was it Luca Caldirola – Bremen’s tough tackling centre back? Or Clemens Fritz – the no-nonsense midfield enforcer?

No, it was an advertising board.

Have a look:

That anger though.

Costa nearly goes Temuri Ketsbaia on the innocent sign, although he may have been directing his boot at Fallou Diagne – who gave him a cheeky nudge towards the hoarding as he tried to shepherd the ball out of play.

That’s another defender off the Chelsea striker’s Christmas card list.