Diego Maradona Goes On Outrageous Anti-England Rant After Win Against Colombia

Diego MaradonaPA

Haha, look at this. Little ol’ Diego Maradona has got the hump over England coming up trumps at the World Cup.

ICYMI, our boys ROARED their way through 90 minutes, extra time and then penalties to send Colombia home and bereft of any hope of coming as close to glory as England will – too much optimism there?

They gave it a good go, what with their grappling and abuse of the ref, but alas Eric Dier dinked it into the net following an astonishing save from Pickford and the rest, at least for Colombia, is history.

Now, for some reason, Maradona has come out with an anti-England rant because of what he sees as a ‘theft’. No, this is not the Onion.

Maradona in Colombia shirtMaradona/Instagram

He said:

I saw a monumental theft. I apologise to all the Colombian people, but they must know the players are not to blame.

It is the man who decides who the referee is who is to blame. A man like that (Geiger) should not be put in charge of a game of that magnitude.

With all due respect, Pierluigi Collina, as the man who designates the referees, he is very bad. He must apologise to the Colombian people.

I told Gianni Infantino, (FIFA president), that if I worked for FIFA, I would change everything. It has to be transparent. That’s why I didn’t go there.

The referee will know a lot about baseball, but he has no idea about football. The Colombian players asked for VAR and he did not give it to them.

Twice the English threw themselves to the ground and he did not admonish them. This was theft.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Get a load of THAT!

Gareth Southgate, overjoyed but level-headed about the win, told it how it really was:

For the belief of this group of players, and groups of players to come, it was a really important moment.

Not just winning the shootout but having to suffer at the end of the game in a stadium that was five to one Colombian fans and felt like an away fixture.

To come through all of that – we’ve spoken to the players about writing their own stories. Tonight they showed they don’t have to conform to what’s gone before.

They have created their own history, and I don’t want to go home yet.

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He added:

Missing my penalty [at Euro 96] will never be ‘off my back’, sadly. That’s something that will live with me for ever.

But today (July 3) is a special moment for this team. It’ll hopefully give belief to the generations of players that will follow.

We always have to believe in what is possible in life and not be hindered by history or expectations. These young players are showing that.

I’m already thinking about Sweden, a team I respect hugely. We’ve always underestimated them, and we don’t have a good record against them, but they have a clear way of playing and it’s bloody difficult to play against. But what a game to look forward to.

Harry Kane celebratesPA

Whil captain Harry Kane added:

We’d spoken a lot about being an inexperienced and young team, but we grew up a lot on that pitch. There were mixed emotions, highs and lows, even in the penalty shootout.

We were behind and wanting Jordan to save one, and he did. It showed our mentality. England haven’t done great in the past in that, but that’ll give us huge belief as a team moving forward now.

We’ve ticked a lot of boxes here so far. Can we qualify through the group? Yes, we did that quite comfortably. Then can we win a knockout game? Can we win a shootout?

This will give us more belief than ever, and the fans more belief than ever back home. We’re enjoying it, they’re enjoying it. We’re just looking forward to the next one.

Beautiful. Mesmerising. England. Truly a night for the ages.

Stick your claims of theft where the sun don’t shine Diego, and leave world-class football to the big boys.

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