Disgraced Footballer Given 12-Month Ban After An Outrageous Incident With Female Linesmen

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When it comes to getting a long-term ban in football you would have to have done something pretty nasty…

Whether it’s kung-fu kicking a spectator, pushing over the ref, snorting a fair bit of coke on a night out or just simply biting your opponent. But one player in Spain, did something arguably a lot more stupid.

An Andalusian footballer was given a one year ban after slapping a female lineman with his penis. Yes… really.

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The player was given a €468 for the incident, which occurred during during a match between Celtic de Pulianas- based in Granada – and Gabia CF on November 15.

The Competition Committee of the Andalusian Football Association (RFAF) described the player’s actions as ‘completely undignified and disrespectful’ to both the official and crowd.

The player’s club managed to spare punishment from the RFAF as they immediately sacked the player.

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The offender wasn’t even playing at the time and was simply a spectator during the Andalusian Second Division match, but apparently became so angered with the lineswoman’s performance that he hit her with his genitals.

In his match report, Referee Jesús Lorenzo Rodríguez stated:

(The man) invaded the pitch and approached assistant number one and tried to hit her with his penis, which he had pulled out beforehand. He was wearing the team’s tracksuit and I recognised him from when I’d refereed in the past.

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It’s pretty surprising that he didn’t receive a longer ban…