Disgusting Internet Forum Sexualises Photos Of Female Olympic Athletes

by : Julia Banim on : 28 Jul 2021 11:48
Disgusting Internet Forum Sexualises Photos Of Female Olympic AthletesPA Images

An internet forum has been set up with the intention of sexualising female athletes participating in the Olympic Games, with users uploading photos and making crude remarks.

The subreddit, named Oh-lympics, purports to be ‘for all the things that made you go ‘Oh’ during the olympics’ and has clocked up more than 217,000 followers since it was first formed back in 2012.


Typical posts see pics uploaded with captions such as ‘Ingrid Oliveira Brazilian Diver with great Ass’ and ‘More women’s water polo ass’. These photos will often fixate on an athlete’s crotch or backside, and there are also pics of swimsuit malfunctions as well as athletes stretching or in training.

Olympic athletes (PA Images)PA Images

Six Oh-lympics users spoke to Vice about the subreddit under conditions of anonymity, stating that they uploaded photos of women ‘they admired and were attracted to’.

One 23-year-old user, known only as his user name ajvazded0, acknowledged that Oh-lympics contributes to the issue of female athletes being sexualised, describing some of the comments made on the forum as ‘offensive and disrespectful’. However, he also claimed that such remarks were ‘unavoidable’ on account of ‘human nature’.


Hall of Fame gymnast Lisa Carmen Wang told Vice:

Women have always been at the mercy of the male gaze. It was always about how do we show more leg? How do we make it so that a little bit more of butt is shown so that we can have a longer leg line? I just honestly don’t think that discussion even exists for men.

The issue of female athletes being objectified has been widely discussed this summer, prompted partly by the Norwegian women’s volleyball team refusing to wear bikini bottoms at the Olympic Games.


Following this decision, the team was handed a fine of $1,765 (£1,283) – approximately $176 per player – by The European Handball Federation (EHF), with their chosen shorts blasted as ‘improper clothing’.

Under the rules of the International Handball Federation, female athletes are required to wear closely fitted bikini bottoms cut on an upward angle towards the top of the leg, with the side width being ‘a maximum of 10 centimetres’.

Male players, on the other hand, are allowed to wear sports shorts which must be no longer than four inches above their knee.

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