What McGregor Said About Mayweather Rematch Has Shocked Everyone

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Here we go again – just when you think the whole Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather saga is done and dusted, another chapter commences.


Last month, after a media build-up like no other, the pair finally put their huge amounts of money where their equally matched enormous mouths were and fought one another in Las Vegas.

Like I need to remind you about it, but for those who may have been hiding under a rock, the professional boxer won – shock horror – making his record 50-0 after beating the UFC star, on his professional debut in the boxing ring.

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However it seems as though Conor is unable to leave things in the past and vowed, should the pair meet up in a rematch, he would win.


Despite being knocked out in the tenth round inside the T-Mobile arena, McGregor told a crowd of adoring fans in Scotland, he would be victorious next time round.

Anyone else have a sense of de ja vu here or is it just me?


To be fair though I’d pay, again, to see the rematch – it beats having to watch the snooze-fest of David Haye v Tony Bellew in December in their ‘much-hyped’ rematch.

If you’re more of a UFC fan though – or just simply want to see Conor back in the Octagon, then he did have some encouraging news for those of us waiting in anticipation.

Speaking at a live Question and Answer evening with fans in Glasgow, according to the Sun, McGregor said:

I could still fight at the end of this year.

*Slowly crosses fingers and hopes*


The thought of seeing McGregor fight in the UFC again, never mind before the year is up, is appealing to fans to say the least!

Conor continued:

I’ll wait and see what happens with Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee. I’ve got options.

They’re all waiting on me but I’m waiting on them coming back to me with something – it has to be interesting to me.

Let me see what these two fools do this weekend.


Undefeated Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov was mentioned, as was Eddie Alvarez and a certain Mr Diaz with Conor continuing:

I’m also looking forward to seeing Justin Gaethje fight Eddie Alvarez.

Khabib Nurmagomedov in Russia would be great, it would be crazy, but I need to see him make weight.

I’m not going over there just to find out he can’t do it.

If Diaz prices himself out of a fight, I’ll probably defend my title against one of these two guys that are fighting this weekend.

Journalist Chisanga Malata, who was live at the event, tweeted the line McGregor made about Mayweather:

McGregor says he’d beat Mayweather if they had a rematch.


To be fair to the Irishman, despite his loss, he did manage to land the second most punches out of all the opponents Mayweather has faced – pretty good going for someone making their professional boxing debut against arguably, the greatest ever.

McGregor also stated, if he’d changed his preparations for the fight against ‘Money’, then it would have been the easiest nights work of his career.

Hmmmmmm, questionable Conor, but who am I to judge?

The 29-year-old UFC star, who could earn up to £55million from his one and only boxing fight, revealed he’s still counting his earnings from his battle – glad to see Floyd didn’t knock the modesty out of him, cough cough – and there’ll be plenty more to come when his film comes out:

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McGregor even stated he’d love to face a boxer inside the Octagon – where he would be the favourite.

If we’re going to get caught up with the rumor mill, then Floyd, if you’re reading, I guess it’s only fair?

Paulie Malignaggi has unsurprisingly been name-dropped as an option to face McGregor inside the caged ring – he was brandished a ‘rat’ by the two-weight UFC world champion.


McGregor – the current UFC Lightweight Champion – hasn’t fought in MMA since ripping the title away from Eddie Alvarez last November.

Unfortunately though, despite claiming to be open to face whoever, McGregor revealed he hasn’t talked to the UFC about his next encounter.

Something tells me to watch this space…

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