Donald Trump Tweets Bizarre Video Of Him Attacking CNN At Wrestlemania


Ahhh, good old Wrestlemania – so many memories from childhood right through to present day.

Hulk Hogan SLAMMING Andre the Giant, Brett Heart defeating Stone Cold Steve Austin and who can forget Brock Lesner ruining The Undertaker’s undefeated streak!

How about that time Donald Trump, (before he was president of course), appeared at Wrestlemania 23!


Well the way I remember it was that Donald Trump – who was being represented by ECW Champion Bobby Lashley, took on Vince McMahon, who was being represented by the Intercontinental Champion, Umaga.

The featured match was dubbed ‘Hair vs Hair’.

More importantly at stake – and we all know how much the POTUS loves his hair – either Trump or McMahon would be shaved bald if their wrestler lost.


It seems though that the POTUS has tried to alter the Wrestlemania history books after his latest bizarre tweet – yes there’s another one!

The victim this time – the television network CNN.

Trump superimposed the network logo onto Vince McMahon from their ‘fake’ fight at Wretlemania 23.

April 2018, in Louisiana, could see the actual president of the United States take part in one of the biggest entertainment shows in the world!

Roll on Wrestlemania 34 – it looks set to be a cracker with Trump vs a whole cable news network!