Drug Investigation Into WWE Legend Dropped By Police


Authorities have confirmed a former WWE wrestler who was booked for possession of meth is innocent and the case has been dropped.

X-Pac was arrested on April 29 for possession of narcotics with intent to sell at LAX after sniffer dogs discovered pills in his luggage that were believed to contain meth.

After a full investigation by the L.A. County District Attorney the drugs tested negative, and X-Pac told TMZ his case has been dropped:

X-Pac (born Sean Waltman) had professed his innocence all along.

The pro athlete denied all allegations and claimed the pills were a non-meth medicine to treat a yeast infection.

He proudly told TMZ: “I was telling the truth!”

Although ‘no controlled substance’ was found Pac was carrying some marijuana, dubbed a legal amount in the state of California – which he’ll probably need after the narcotics ordeal he has experienced.

X-Pac peaked during the Golden Age of wrestling, performing in the ring with legends such as Triple H and the late, great Chyna.

We wish him a full recovery from his ‘aggressive’ yeast infection.