Dustin Poirier Claims He Knows How Conor McGregor Actually Broke Leg During Fight

by : Cameron Frew on : 11 Jul 2021 15:50
Dustin Poirier Claims He Knows How Conor McGregor Actually Broke Leg During FightPA Images

Conor McGregor rolled his ankle, but Dustin Poirier says he knows the real reason behind the fight-stopping injury.

The Irishman’s trilogy bout against The Diamond ended with a freak injury, with McGregor breaking his ankle after stepping on it the wrong way and falling to the ground.


McGregor quickly warned Poirier, ‘This isn’t over,’ with UFC President Dana White already discussing plans for a fourth fight. Meanwhile, while McGregor denies it, Poirier says the injury was the ‘result of checking a kick, I’m sure of it’.

‘He fractured it on one of the kicks at the start of the fight. It was probably cracked and on the twist of the punch it finished him,’ Poirier said. In footage from the start of the fight, you can see Poirier pointing at a kick after it landed on his knee.

‘He did hit me with a good cross just like the last fight. I didn’t see it and it kind of clipped me. I was a little bit buzzed but my legs were still there… I checked the kick, he was kicking very hard. You never want to get a win that way, but what happened was the result of checking a kick. I’m more than sure of it. He got what he had coming to him,’ he explained.


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Speaking to Joe Rogan, McGregor said ‘there was no check’ during the fight. ‘I was boxing the ears off him, kicking the legs off him, usual sh*te he dived to close the distance. This is not over! If I have to take this outside with him, it’s on outside, I don’t give a b*llocks,’ he said.

White said it ‘sucks for it to end that way, it’s brutal, it’s not the way you want to see fights end’, but a rematch will be in order once McGregor recovers.

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