Eddie Hall Still Placed Despite Nasty Injury At World’s Strongest Man


Eddie Hall landed third place in the 2016 installment of the World’s Strongest Man which aired on Channel 5 this Christmas.

He believes that 2017 is his year to win the world top spot after an injury to his fingers let him down in this year’s August final in Botswana.

But the ‘Beast’ still had a pretty memorable year considering his incredible half tonne deadlift back in the summer.

Eddie said:

I had an absolute nightmare dislocating my fingers before it all started and it cost me on all the events especially the frame.(couldn’t even pick it up for more than a split second)

I genuinely believe I would have been in with a win if I hadn’t had had the injury!

Even if I got middle placing on the frame and an extra point per event I’d have won but it’s easy to say what’s buts and should’s after the event.

It’s made me hungrier than ever and 2017 that gold trophy is mine!

Tests at Staffordshire University have shown Eddie has the strength of a Vauxhall Corsa in each of his legs. That sort of power requires fuel and Hall burns up to 12,000 calories a day, the Stoke Sentinel reports.

TV viewers last night saw Eddie take third place with Icelandic Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson and Brian Shaw, of America taking the crown taking second and first respectively.

The Beast’s manager Mo Chaudry said that ‘In the circumstances, what he has achieved is as good as winning’.