Eugenie Bouchard Reveals Gift Her Super Bowl Date Bought Her


On my super bowl twitter date ?

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The most millennial digital age romance is off to a flying start and, as more details are revealed, the plot thickens.

When 22-year-old tennis pro, Eugenie Bouchard bet a Twitter fan the Patriots would lose the Super Bowl, she offered John Goehrke a date in exchange for his gamble.

Just ten days later, undoubtedly praising Tom Brady for all he’s worth, 20-year-old John travelled to New York to enjoy a basketball game with the Canadian athlete.

Eugenie seemed to enjoy the date with John, a student from Missouri. The blind date went so well, according to a smiling Eugenie and a baffled-looking John, there will even be a second.

Bouchard told TMZ:

It has been awesome, he’s normal. I planned the date. He picked me up at my hotel like a gentleman, then we came over here. He brought me a nice little gift and he enjoyed the game courtside.

I’m lucky he’s normal. For sure [there will be a second date].

Determined to milk the media attention until the cows come home, Eugenie – who was a Wimbledon finalist – has now shared the gift with Snapchat.

In a classic take on YouTube’s unboxing and showing off trope, Eugenie opened her gift as she subtly sat beside her new Sports Illustrated cover.

Looking nonplussed by John’s gift but thanking him all the same, Bouchard unwrapped a pair of expensive earring from high-end jewellers Tiffany’s, saying, ‘a girl always loves Tiffany earrings’.

While the gift had all the originality of supermarket flowers, you have to hand it to John: He’s flying the flag for so-called ‘normal guys’, holding his own on the most bizarre blind date in history, and proving that gambling on love sometimes pays off.