Eugenie Bouchard To Date A Fan After Losing Bet

by : UNILAD on : 07 Feb 2017 13:24

The New England Patriots’ incredible turn around not only won them the Super Bowl, but won a lucky Twitter user a date with tennis player Eugenie Bouchard.


As the Canadian professional athlete watched the nail biting game, and tweeted her anticipation, a fan took the opportunity to propose an interesting bet.

@punslayintwoods asked Genie ‘if patriots win we go on a date?’, and much to everyone’s surprise, she replied saying ‘sure’.

As Brady and his team fell to a 28-3 deficit in the third quarter, it looked to be an obvious win for Atlanta Falcons, so Bouchard tweeted with confidence saying she knew Atlanta would win.


She probably was not expecting to actually have to go through with it, but tweeted saying she would keep to her word.

Of course it didn’t stop other people from trying to bet the other way, and JordanM9393 was met with an eye roll for his un-originality.

After the suspenseful game, Genie tweeted a photo captioned ‘Omg…last night really happened’.

The 2014 Wimbledon finalist asked the guy where he lived so she could plan her date.


This guy completely turned his Valentine’s Day around!

I respect her integrity…like a true athlete!

She was also humble when she said she had learned her lesson – to ‘never bet against Tom Brady’.

Imagine if this turns out to be a beautiful romance and she becomes Mrs @punslayintwoods.

That could be a Hollywood hit one day.

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    Eugenie Bouchard to go on date with fan after betting that Atlanta Falcons would win Super Bowl