Fake Conor McGregor Fools MMA ‘Fans’ In Las Vegas


Conor McGregor is a chameleon, there’s no doubt about that.

But his lookalike might be able to give him a run for his money if the reaction of these Las Vegas MMA ‘fans’ is anything to go by.

Islam Badurgov took to the street in the lead-up to McGregor’s historic fight with Floyd Mayweather on August 26, to warm up the crowds.

So, guys, what do you think about prank?? ———— Ну что, друзья, как вам пранк??

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In a questionable imitation of an Irish accent, the Kazakhstan fitness vlogger starts the hoards of so-called fans chanting Conor’s name.

After a quick training session on the beach – a good opportunity to display those famous SBG and tiger head ‘tattoos’ in Conor’s trademark tight jeans – one lady is so excited to see who she believes is the Irish lightweight champ she starts to chicken dance.

Badurgov happily takes selfies with the unsuspecting and unobservant prank victims, quickly moving through the crowds before they notice his face looks almost nothing like McGregor.

No comments?? @thenotoriousmma

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Badurgov, who’s a big fan of The Notorious shared the video, writing:

Conor, you are an impeccable fighter, you motivate a great deal of people, thus, we dedicate this prank to you and your forthcoming triumph over Floyd Mayweather. We don’t question your victory.

You can watch the full prank in the video below:

Whipping off a tropical print palm tree shirt that wouldn’t look out of place in McGregor’s wardrobe, Islam actually does a fantastic job of embodying the Notorious confidence of Conor.

Let’s just hope McGregor is channelling that same level of energy into his training regime.

Francesca Donovan

Francesca Donovan

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