Fans Notice Harry Redknapp Wash His Bum Then Hand Soap To Fleur

Harry Redknapp hands soap to Fleur.ITV

In what could be the dirtiest move of his career, Harry Redknapp has been spotted appearing to wash his bum with a bar of soap, before passing the same soap straight over to Fleur East.

The incident happened on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! where jungle shower antics have provided plenty of memorable – and awkward – moments over the years.

Former football manager Harry had been showering alongside singer Fleur, when he was seen scrubbing down the back of his swimming trunks.

Episode edits make it unclear when exactly the 71-year-old passed the soap over, or if indeed it went down his trunks. However, it has still caused plenty of shock and amusement…

Viewers were somewhat taken aback, not quite believing the apparently arsey behaviour they had witnessed, sparking the humorous hashtag #arsesoap.

One person gasped:

But seriously did Harry Redknapp wash his ass with soap and THEN GOT FLEUR TO HOLD IT #imaceleb

Another spluttered:

Cannae stop laughing at Harry redknapp washing his arse wae that soap then handing it over to Fleur to hold #ImACeleb #arsesoap

At first, Harry appeared a bit reluctant to hop into the shower with his fellow campmates, and made sure to turn his back to give them some privacy.

He later declared:

Don’t interest me, that’s for sure. There’s only one person I wanna see with a bikini on, having a shower, and that’s still my wife.

31-year-old former The X Factor contestant Fleur appeared blissfully oblivious about where precisely the piece of soap had been, cheerfully telling the cameras:

I had a lovely shower this morning with my mate Rita and buddy Harry.

She added:

So I stayed with him [Harry] while he washed his back, and held his soap. And erm, I never thought in all my days I would say I had a shower with Harry Redknapp, mate.

Whether Fleur will be quite so starstruck after watching the shower footage back remains to be seen.

So, is this the result of unfortunate editing? Or did Fleur just hold Harry’s arse soap for him? Surely that is one trial which deserves a few stars…

Either way, this is a truly cracking moment of entertainment in the long-running reality show.

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