Fans Want Aussie Rugby League Player ‘Banned For Season’ After Brutal Tackle

Dylan NapaPA

Shocked fans of the NRL are calling for a player to be banned for life after he knocked out an opposing player with a headbutt. 

Roosters forward Dylan Napa was only sin-binned following 24th minute clash with Brisbane Broncos’ Andrew McCullough on Saturday night.

Napa had already been going in hard on a number of tackles prior to the headbutt.

NRL veteran Phil Gould said the incident ‘was always going to happen.’

McCullough was so mashed from the hit he was taken from the field on a medicab and written off for the remainder of the game, which the broncos won 22-8.

Napa was sent to the sin bin for 10 minutes but social media users reckon the punishment should’ve been way worse.

‘Dylan Napa only gets ten in bin [sic] for one of the worst assaults I have ever seen on a RL field and Fox Rugby commentators saying it is harsh! Red card all day!’ one wrote.

Check out the incident for yourself here:

‘It is was up to me,’ another wrote. ‘Dylan Napa would play no further part this season including all finals. Anyone that thinks it’s an unfortunate accident needs their head checked.’

‘What kind of player leads with and attacks the head? You can’t even do that in the UFC’ one asked.

However, there have been just as many people sticking up for the move.

One commenter wrote:

Just as well stop playing all contact sports when I was playing we used to dream about hits like that it’s how we were taught to do coach called it high and ugly now it’s against the rules and your acussed of taking cheap shots and being a dirty player BS he had the ball in his hand didn’t he he’s fair game [sic].

Dylan NapaPA

Another said:

You use to get taught to prepare for the hit and hit up with your shoulder leading , now it’s run with your chest out shoulders back like your showing off ya tits . And you cant even tackle with your shoulders any more because you might get suspended if you hurt someone. Football these day is just overpaid , muscle bound princesses playing chest bumps with a ball , may aswell just play OzTAG . Bring back 80s , 90s football when the players were tough and the games were worth watching.

A third added:

Nothing wrong with the tackle. His arms not swinging high he’s trying to wrap his arms around the player The player just collided with his shoulder and cane off worst. I wouldn’t of even give a penalty.

Rugby’s a contact sport obviously so you have to expect the odd injury. An intentional headbutt, though? Doesn’t sit well with me.

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