FC Zurich Player Jumps Over Wall To Celebrate Winner And It Ends Terribly

Benjamin Kololli Zurich football celebration failReuters

FC Zurich player Benjamin Kololli’s goal celebrations didn’t exactly go to plan during the team’s game against AEK Larnaca. 

Kololli scored the winning goal from the penalty spot in the 61st minute of last night’s game (September 20), and proceeded to celebrate the score as many players often do.

Some slide along the ground, others jump on their teammates, and some simply run around with joy. Kololli, on the other hand, decided to take a leap of faith.

The Kosovo Albanian midfielder sprinted towards the cheering crowd, but at the GSP Stadium in Cyprus two walls stood in his way.

Take a look at the unfortunate scene here:

Clearing the first barrier, the player hopped up on to the second wall ready to land safely on the nearby ground, but unfortunately he had misjudged the depth of the drop.

Kololli disappeared into oblivion, vanishing from the view of the cameras and his fellow players. At that point, it was anybody’s guess where the footballer had gone. Possibly Narnia, a black hole, or even a vortex to another dimension.

The video was shared on Twitter, where one person wrote:

Legend has it he’s still falling’: Twitter reacts to hilarious video of Benjamin Kololli’s unexpected celebration fail after netting winner for FC Zurich

Like a Mexican wave, the crowd rippled as the cheers turned to shock and the fans leaned forward to try and see where the footballer had disappeared to.

Other members of FC Zurich had followed closely behind Kololli, but luckily they managed to come to a sudden halt at the wall before they were met with the same unfortunate fate as their teammate.

Thankfully the player wasn’t injured, though he did look a bit shaken after he was pulled up from the floor. Potentially because of a brief encounter with a fawn who goes by the name Mr. Tumnus?

He shook it off, powered on and continued to play the remainder of the game.

Sharing the video online, the person behind the camera said:

When he fell down the home fans were cracked up! They obviously knew how deep it was.

The celebration disaster was met with a host of witty responses across social media, as all good fails are.

One person likened the drop to Gandalf’s fall in The Lord of The Rings:

Can anyone confirm that FC Zurich player is ok after his fall into oblivion.

Another wondered:

Lmao how deep did Benjamin Kololli actually fall?

Despite returning to finish the game, there are also rumours floating around that Kololli is actually still falling.

One person questioned:

Did that FC Zurich player ever come back, or is he gone forever?

Even though he might have embarrassed himself with his celebration, at least the Zurich player can take pride in the fact he scored the only goal of the match.

I’m sure he’ll be much more cautious when it comes to celebrating his successes in the future!

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