Female MMA Fighter Who Was Knocked Out By Man In ‘Horrifying’ Inter-Gender Fight Speaks Out


Female MMA Fighter Who Was Knocked Out By Man In 'Horrifying' Inter-Gender Fight Speaks Out@armpowergirl/Instagram

Female MMA fighter Ula Siekacz has spoken out after she was defeated by a male opponent in a ‘horrifying’ inter-gender fight. 

Fitness instructor and arm wrestler Siekacz stepped into the ring with Piotr Lisowski on October 29 for the bout, which ended up lasting two rounds.


The referee called for an end to the fight after Siekacz attempted to take down her competitor only to find herself pinned to the ground as Lisowski unleashed repeated blows to her head.

Footage of the fight prompted viewers to share their shocked responses to the brutality of the scene, with fans describing it as ‘absurd’ and ‘horrific’, and questioning: ‘How is this sanctioned?’

Siekacz quickly got back to her feet after the referee concluded the fight, and she has since confirmed she is okay after receiving the multitude of punches.


The MMA fighter took to Instagram to share footage from an interview filmed after the fight, in which she said she was ‘very dissatisfied’ with the result, adding that it ‘didn’t work out’ as she had hoped and that she is ‘disappointed’ in herself.

‘Unfortunately for now I still have those negative emotions,’ she added, per indy100.

Siekacz also expressed belief she could have lasted longer in the fight had the referee not decided to end it, saying: ‘I got more hits before and I could withstand those so I think the third round could easily happen […] so I have a lot of regret for the referee that he stopped it.’


Alongside the video, Siekacz told her followers she is ‘back alive and we keep going’. She acknowledged that she knew what she was getting into when she ‘consciously took up’ the fight against Lisowski, but indicated this would be her last inter-gender fight as she wrote she is ‘not gonna get slapped by a guy anymore’.

She continued: ‘I am waiting for some interesting suggestions and I will continue to develop. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Next adventure and new experience.’

In the wake of the backlash towards the inter-gender fight, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation issued a statement to say it is ‘unacceptable that women and men should compete against each other in combat sports, essentially for reasons of safety but also fair play.’


The organisation stressed that it ‘in no way’ endorses the fights.

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Ula Siekacz/Instagram
  1. Ula Siekacz/Instagram


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