Fiji Wins First Gold Medal Ever, Country Loses It

by : UNILAD on : 12 Aug 2016 14:36
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In some of the best news you’ll hear all day, last night Fiji utterly destroyed Team GB’s Rugby 7’s team and claimed the first ever gold medal in the country’s history. 


Oh – and the country went fucking crazy turning the entire nation into one big party.

Fiji has competed in the Olympic Games for the past 60 years (Melbourne, 1956) but now and only now have the former-British colony obliterated team GB 43-7 and raked in the gold medals, reports Mashable.

Rugby - Olympics: Day 6Rugby - Olympics: Day 6Getty

Even during game-play some companies decided they needed time off to watch the final few minutes, including this bank who said they needed a ’30 minute break’ as the country was ‘about to create history’:


But to be fair, they weren’t wrong – and I doubt anybody was rushing to the bank judging from the constant Twitter pictures and videos showing people partying here, there, and everywhere.


And as if this story could not get any better this is the the first time rugby has been included in the Olympic Games since 1924 – so Fiji are the first nation in over 90 years to claim gold in the rugby.


I bet there’s some seriously sore heads in the South Pacific this morning…

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    Fiji wins first-ever gold medal, entire country loses it