First-Time Hang-Glider Hangs On For Dear Life After Pilot Forgets To Attach Him

two men one hang gliderGursk3/YouTube

There are many videos floating around the internet of mates pranking other mates, and an absolute lollercoaster is the ‘oh sh*t we forgot to attach the bungee cord to your harness’ jape.

You know the one – a bloke, probably on a stag do, jumps off the cliff on his first ever bungee jump, just as one of his delightful friends screams the afore-mentioned phrase the moment he’s left the platform. Naturally, brown pants and hilarity ensues.

Rarely, however, do we see such a video in which the harness of the bungee jumper – or say perhaps hang-glider – actually wasn’t attached, and the poor guy it should be attached to is in actual life-threatening danger.

Of course, sooner or later, the trusty ol’ internet would deliver unto us handcrafted kernel of just such a video. And deliver it has, in the form of Chris Gursky, who went hang-gliding for the first time without being attached to his instructor and literally hanging on for dear life.

Thankfully, hang-glider Chris survived and came out the other side with just a few injuries, and has even vowed to go hang-gliding again, so we’re all good to watch the video safe in the knowledge that he’s okay.

Chris was on holiday in Switzerland, the first day of his holiday nonetheless, when he thought it would be a great idea to jump off the edge of a 4,000ft high mountain.

Admittedly, hang-gliding is a popular activity, and looks like it would be pretty cool if you’re attached to the glider correctly. If not, however, well we’re just gonna have more brown pants on our hands. And no one wants that.

two men one hang gliderGursk3/YouTube

Posting the video of his experience to YouTube, Chris wrote:

My first time hang gliding turned into a near death experience as my safety harness was never hooked to the glider. For 2 Min. 14 seconds I had to hang on for my life! The landing was a rough one, but I lived to tell the story.

Check it out:

Afterwards, Chris said, via MailOnline:

I remember looking down and thinking, this is it. I was losing grip with my right hand, that was holding onto a strap on the pilot’s right shoulder. He was trying to make a bee line to the landing field as he knew what the situation could bring.

The pilot grabbed my hand, but like in the movies it was a slow motion slipping of the grip until my right hand slipped off and I grabbed another strap on his left side for a bit but this slipped off also.

I ended up holding on bar with the left hand and the lower part of his leg with the right when we were nearing the ground. I looked down to see my feet hit first, which ripped me off at about 45 mph as it was a hot landing and I was under the landing gear.

x ray of broken wristGursk3/YouTube

He added:

Upon impact my right wrist suffered a distal radius fracture, which required surgery.

A titanium plate and seven screws were installed and I was released the following afternoon. I also tore my left bicep tendon from holding on for so long. It beats the alternative.

It sure does, Chris, it sure does.

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