Five Of The Worst Football Tattoos Of All Time

by : UNILAD on : 27 Jul 2015 17:44

idiot gif 4idiot gif 4

Football players might need a couple of lessons in loyalty these days, but the same can’t be said for the die-hard fans, who love their club more than anything and will tell that to anyone who will listen, but why tell when you can show?


That’s obviously what these idiots concluded before getting permanent body ink marking their skin in honour of their football clubs, and while there is nothing wrong with that, if you’re going to do it, at least make sure that names are spelt right, players actually sign for the club, oh and that you’ve won the trophy you’ve got tattooed on you.

There really are no excuses when it comes to getting bad tattoos, they’re going to be on your body forever for f*cks sake, so these five football fans need to hang their heads in shame. Deep, deep shame.

shirt tatshirt tat

Why pay for a new shirt each season when you could just have it tattooed on you?


That seems to be the thought process for this guy, who doesn’t look like he’s a fan of having to wash shirts either, just himself. The Atletico Nacional fan must be the most die-hard one out there, and now he has the badge, the team colours and what I assume is his favourite squad number with him at all times. Dedication or what.

He probably didn’t realise that when he tries to get lucky and takes his shirt off, it might be a bit of a turn off – but then again, if someone doesn’t like your football team, they’re probably not worth bothering with anyway.

lfc tatlfc tat

Five times, five times. Everyone knows how it goes, but this guy decided to get a permanent reminder of that night in Istanbul – not that any football fan, let alone a Liverpool one – will forget it any time soon. The trophy and Carragher’s face are perhaps understandable, but to get manager Rafa Benitez as well is a bit strange.

Obviously the tattoo isn’t done very well, because why else would it have made the list, but if we’re being honest, even if the artwork had been done by the best artist in the world, it would probably still look a bit sketchy.

cfc tatcfc tat

The poor guy who decided this was a good idea probably didn’t expect Frank Lampard to go and rock up at title rivals Manchester City, scoring a goal against Chelsea in the process, and being a nightmare that came back to haunt the Blues and Jose Mourinho.

Proving that you should firstly pay good money for tattoos, because this looks like a five year old has doodled it from a picture of Terry and Lampard, and secondly never get players until they’ve retired – if ever, it was a no from the start.


The only thing that would’ve been worse is if he had added Petr Cech to the party. Oh, and more to the point, what kind of person wants John Terry’s face on their stomach? Or anywhere for that matter.

city tatcity tat

This guy might be in luck if he is willing to get the ‘2011’ changed to 2077, which is probably around the time City will conquer Europe looking at their current displays.

Why, oh why you would get a tattoo proclaiming that you had won a competition without it actually being confirmed – or even looking like a sure thing boggles the mind, and this man must not only feel like an idiot, but be ridiculed by anyone who sees him.

Word of advice mate. Invest in long sleeves for the foreseeable future.

city tat 2city tat 2

There seems to be a common theme with Manchester City fans judging by this tattoo – much like the idiot who decided they were going to be Champions of Europe, this guy thought that they would be signing Ricardo Kaka. They did not.

Oh, and Robinho thought he had come to England to sign for Chelsea, was a flop at City and promptly left the club without looking back. Goater, in case you were wondering, is a City cult hero but might be too far back in the history of the club for most of their ‘fans’ to remember.

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