Five Reasons Arsenal HAVE To Sack Arsene Wenger


wenger out

It’s that time again.

Almost like clockwork, once March 1st hits, you can guarantee Arsenal fans will be out in force, making sure their beloved #WengerOut hashtag starts to trend on a weekly basis.

Yep, Arsenal’s season is disintegrating again, and after a home defeat at the hands of struggling Swansea, the fans have had enough.

A north London derby and a second leg against Barcelona aren’t going to make things much better unless the Gunners manage the impossible – which, let’s be honest, they won’t.

Naturally, the fans are now calling for Wenger’s head, and here are five reasons they are right to do so.

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He’s totally out of touch

When Thierry Henry claimed Arsenal fans were as angry as he’d seen them after their loss to Swansea, Wenger hit out at the club legend and claimed he didn’t know what he was on about.

He also tried to convince everyone that the club ‘have leaders in every position’ and there isn’t an issue with mental fragility.

Right Arsene. It’s not like you start off well, pick up a shit load of injuries, suffer a drop in form and then lose the league by March every year or anything, is it.

Wenger can’t see the problems at the club anymore, or play the right players from the start of games – let alone make match winning subs, and the fact he still refuses to spend cash or change their style of play slightly shows how out of touch he is.

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Why won’t he spend money?

Does Wenger think that if he spends money in a transfer window, it’s coming out of his own personal account?

You’d be forgiven for thinking so considering how little of it he spends.

Each summer, the fans wait and wait until deadline day, hoping and praying for Wenger to buy what they need – to no avail.

This summer, after signing Petr Cech from Chelsea, it seemed Wenger had finally pulled his finger out – but then he went on holiday and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the window.

Add to that the fact people like Flamini and Arteta are somehow still at the club, and you begin to realise something is VERY wrong.

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He can’t do it when it counts

Putting aside the fact the worst Chelsea team in the last decade have managed to do the double over Arsenal this season, the fact they made hard work of their Champions League group AGAIN and ended up drawing Barcelona AGAIN sums Wenger up.

When it really matters, he can’t do it as a manager – be it picking the right team to start or even end a game, and when you look at the amount of quality managers who have lost their jobs for far less over the last few years, it becomes more and more bizarre that Wenger is still employed.

You wouldn’t get a manager at any of Europe’s other top clubs being allowed to have such total control and still fail season after season on four fronts, not to mention in the transfer market – but Wenger is allowed that luxury, and it’s costing the club big time.

Imagine if the Gunners had a Mourinho, a Klopp or a Guardiola in charge. They’d have brought in the players they needed straight away and won the league several times over by now – oh and probably done a fair bit better in Europe as well.

But never mind Arsene, your bank balance is top draw, and you do have those FA Cups after all.

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There’s only so long you can be sentimental in football

Yes, Wenger was once great for the Gunners, but now he’s holding them back.

Failing to win the Premier League or Champions League in the last decade is not good enough – and the Frenchman has control over all areas of the club, from team selection to transfers – and it’s costing them.

He refuses to buy what they need, plays the wrong players and then persists in saying nothing is wrong.

Yes Arsene mate, there is a lot wrong, and you’re the biggest issue.

Time for the big move upstairs.

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Plain and simple. Wenger has not been good enough for the last decade in terms of results against the top sides and his trophy haul.

Their performance in the Champions League aside, the fact that they aren’t even going to win the title this season, in one of the weakest ever leagues, speaks volumes.

Tactically Wenger is outfoxed again and again – his side have had a serious mental complex against their rivals since ‘Pizzagate’ at Old Trafford – and that’s before even mentioning anything about their issues when facing Chelsea.

They won’t win the league or even get to the latter stages of the Champions League with Wenger in charge, and deep down, even the Frenchman himself must know that.