Are These The Five Worst Types Of Liverpool Fan?


Liverpool fans are full of stereotypes and clichés let’s face it – in fact, all football clubs are, so it makes sense to go through them one by one and have a look at the best stereotypes of the bunch.

Liverpool fans have the dubious honour of being collectively some of the easiest fans to wind up. You can kind of understand it, after all, what’s fun about once being the rulers of English football, to now being Europa League fodder. The fans seem to think that they are still the biggest club in England, and someone really needs to tell them that’s not the case anymore, no matter how you look at it.

Times have been hard for the fans on occasion, and while they want to think trophies and titles are a given, they really aren’t, and there are some realistic fans out there (take a picture and sell it on eBay if you find one by the way, you make good money for rare items) but more often than not, the fans fall into one of these five categories.

lfc deluded

It’s our year

The most commonly used cliché among Liverpool fans, surely? Well, particularly during that year when Slippy G got his nickname, Liverpool fans had reason to believe – and ironically, it took them a while to actually start wheeling out the chestnut of it being their year. For once.

Time after time, we’ll be in pre-season, Liverpool will sign a randomer from the far reaches of nowhere, probably for ten million too much, and their fans will be delighted with the purchase. It’s astonishing really, given they don’t actually know anything about them bar their name, fee, and what the first video on YouTube brings up. *Cough, Firmino, Cough*.

And, for those who still thought they could be challenging for the title last season after losing Luis Suarez, you really are deluded.

But we’ve won it five times

AKA the history channel subscribers.

In their defence, the Champions League victory in 2005 was one of my favourite games of all time. But, please, when in a debate about modern day football, don’t bring up the ‘five times’ malarkey.

I understand, great achievement, and one which you can be proud of despite shipping three goals, something people seem to forget, but prior to the 2005 victory, the last time the club lifted the most coveted trophy in club football was in 1984, and most of the preachers weren’t even alive then.

To say it looks like you’ll be having a very long wait to see your side lift it for the sixth time is being generous. Very generous.

We hate United more than we love Liverpool

There’s always one, isn’t there? They’d rather see their side do the double over United than finish in the top four. There have been some top fixtures between the sides in the past, but I’m sure United would rather do the double over Chelsea or Man City – actual title rivals – than Liverpool.

I appreciate it’s one of the biggest derbies in English football, if not the biggest, but I’d suggest concentrating on your own side before taking too much time worrying about United.

It must be hard to not get obsessed with a side who not only knocked you off your perch, but also took your place, but come on.

The lost causes

Liverpool have had so many of these in the past. All Liverpool fans will remember El Hadji-Diouf for his not so impressive stint with the club.

But, this lad has surpassed Lord Diouf’s talent, or lack of. He created a James Milner song, in the style of OMI’s hit, Cheerleader. The creativity behind it left even more to be desired than Alberto Aquilani’s performances in midfield.

It went viral and provided ammunition for every Liverpool fan to bantered by their mates at work, so take a bow son. We look forward to your offering next summer.

Grudge holder

Before Liverpool fans get too offended, every side has them, and you probably won’t find a Chelsea fan who doesn’t harp on about Luis Garcia’s ghost goal a decade on.

Speaking of Chelsea, grudges were most certainly held to the highest order when Torres made that ‘money move’ to west London back in 2011. In the end, more people felt sorry for him than anything else, after his utterly disastrous career there. Liverpool did get the last laugh, until Andy Carroll took to the field, obviously.

The treatment Raheem Sterling is getting makes reactions to Luis Figo’s move from Barcelona to Real Madrid look tame, and pigs everywhere might want to watch out for their heads when the winger comes back to Anfield next season.