Floyd Mayweather Buys Himself A Really Expensive Pre-Fight Present


Floyd Mayweather has indulged in some retail therapy to help beat the stress of his looming fight with Conor McGregor.

According to TMZ Sports, Mayweather has dropped millions on a brand new, bright red Bugatti Veyron.

More specifically, Mayweather spent $3.3 million (£2.5 million) on a triple red 2012 Bugatti Grand Sport Convertible which according to Floyd’s car guy, Obi Okeke, is a ‘one of one’ car.

Of course while spending such an eye-watering amount of money on a car would bring most of us out in a cold sweat, it’s worth remembering that Mayweather is being paid around $300 million for his fight with McGregor so this is pocket change to him.

Money is no stranger to dropping ridiculous sums of money, a few months ago he threw his son a lavish 16th birthday party gifting him a a Mercedes C-Class Coupe worth around £31,000.

This isn’t even the first Bugatti Mayweather’s treated himself to. Back in 2015 he bought a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse  for $3,498,000.

Mayweather later tried to sell two Bugatti Veyrons: a 2011 Grand Sport and a 2015 Grand Sport Vitesse, on Ebay.

Unfortunately they failed to sell, presumably because he wanted £6.4 million for both of them and that’s not exactly walking about money, and he was forced to keep the cars.

Imagine having to keep multi-million dollar super cars? When will people realise that millionaire sports stars have problems too!