Floyd Mayweather Wants To Charge Insane Amount To Watch McGregor Fight On Pay-Per-View


The bout with one of the biggest price tags in history may be about to get a lot more expensive to watch if Floyd Mayweather gets his way.

The fight between the retired boxing champion and MMA legend Conor McGregor is set to make in excess of £350 million.

Mayweather is planning to take full advantage of the fact that all fight fans are going to tune in in record numbers for the match, upping the price for the pay-per-view.

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Eddie Hearn said to GQ:

Mayweather wants the price to be £100.

The price will be within the same realms as it always has. I don’t set the price, but my gut feeling is £19.95.

If it went to £24.95… I can’t see it, it wouldn’t be my decision. Sky won’t want to go beyond £19.95. That is their price point.

Despite showing off their ample assets, neither athlete has revealed how much they are being paid to fight. However, McGregor is expected to net around £58m which pales in comparison to his rival’s expected £77m payday.

Showtime will be broadcasting the fight in the U.S but the UK broadcaster is yet to be decided, though Sky Sports Box Office and ITV Box Office are leading contenders.

With basically the whole of Ireland tuning in to watch their champion, the fight is truly going to be a win-win for Mayweather and McGregor.