Floyd Mayweather Had A Shock Reaction To Conor McGregor Being ‘Knocked Out’ In Sparring


After unverified reports that UFC champ-turned-pro-boxer Conor McGregor had been knocked out in sparring, you would’ve thought Floyd Mayweather had ammunition ’til fight night…  

But it turns out Money isn’t letting the reports interfere with his regime, instead revealing he simply ‘doesn’t believe’ the rumours.

WBO welterweight champion Jessie Vargas claimed The Notorious hit the deck during preparations for the trailblazing fight set to take place in Vegas next month when he was ‘knocked out’ by fellow MMA star Bradley Wheeler.

Vargas told Villainfy Media:

I heard that they tried Bradley Wheeler but he knocked him out.

I’m looking forward to Floyd coming out with a victory by knockout in six, seven rounds.

I have no doubt. I actually wanna put some money on it. It’s a 99 per cent win.


But, in a ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ moment, Mayweather is refusing to believe the hype unless he sees verified footage of the alleged incident.

He told Fight Hype

Me and Jesse Vargas are in communication. Everything is rumours until I see it, I have to see it with my own eyes.

However, Irish welterweight, Tiernan Bradley, believes McGregor is more than capable of matching Mayweather.


He told MMA Fighting:

Conor is a very good boxer. He doesn’t move like any other boxer. He’s powerful, fast and light on his feet.

He’s very good at getting in and out and connecting. He’s so quick on his feet, it’s very hard to judge the distance with him.

He’s so fast and unpredictable – that’s a very dangerous combination. I don’t think Mayweather has ever boxed anyone like that.


McGregor is reportedly focusing solely on his offensive tactics and striking before he takes on one of the greatest defensive boxers of our time.

It’s a brave but perhaps misguided route to go down, but McGregor isn’t taking the fight lightly, and even got his coach to build a specially designed ring in preparation for the August 26 bout.

You can watch him in training in the footage below:

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Let’s just hope the fight lives up to the hype!