Mayweather Posts Picture Of Fight Cheque, McGregor Responds Immediately


Ah good old Conor McGregor and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather making the headlines once more – this time about, shock horror, money!

Now I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Mr ‘Money’ Mayweather – he’s quite the fan of money I think? If you love something so much, you should probably take to telling the world all about it? *cough cough*

If you pay any sort of attention to him and his social media pages, you’ll have seen the boxer has quite the habit of flaunting his wealth…

The undefeated 50-0 fighter recently took to Instagram to post an image of the $100 million dollar cheque he received from his mega-fight with Conor McGregor back in August.

The two sports stars much-hyped Las Vegas fight was one of the biggest boxing bouts in the history of the sport – it was the second biggest pay-per-view event in history in terms of buy-rates – topped only by 2015’s Mayweather v Pacquiao, reports Forbes.

For Mayweather’s 50th professional fight, ‘Money’ got his biggest ever pay-day – it’s no surprise then the 40-year-old felt the need to share his cheque with his mammoth following, along with a sweet message attached.

He captioned the image:

Some say there’s a difference between being smart and intelligent.

Everyone knows that common sense isn’t so common, but when it comes to being wise beyond years it’s proven I’ve got the Midas touch.

It’s simple math, being 50-0 lets you know I READ [sic]

As modest as ever Floyd! Don’t ever change…

However, you knew it was only going to be a matter of time until McGregor responded:

The Notorious responded via twitter with a very short and simple message, writing:

Yum Yum.

Weird there are so few words when he’s normally the opposite – something tells me it’s because there’s a trick up his sleeve.

Conor, who during his fight with Floyd was making his first ever professional step into a boxing ring, became even richer after this historic event.

Various figures had been reported but the Irishman was guaranteed to earn at least $30 million – nice – and this was despite the fact he lost via TKO in the tenth round.

PA Images

After months of media build-up and endless trash-talking it looked as though the two outspoken stars had finally put their differences aside.

However earlier this month, their war of words was started once more.

Floyd decided to post a screenshot of a headline from an article which reported McGregor was a wanted man after punching an Irish ‘gangster’, with the following caption:

I already fucked you up in 2017 now they about to fuck you up in 2018. You’re about to start your new year off with a bang.


It seems the two loud-mouths find it incredibly difficult to not bite back, but then again, who could blame them? After all, their bravado in the build up to their fight earned them mega bucks.

Maybe it’s all just an incredibly clever PR stunt – don’t tell me the media world is filled with those?

All I’ll say on the matter is, if McGregor can get Mayweather inside the Octagon, then we’re in for a hell of a show in the UFC world.

Watch this space….