Floyd Mayweather’s Hilarious Reaction To Seeing McGregor’s Bulge At Weigh-In


It’s the morning after the weigh-in before and no one can stop talking about Conor McGregor’s bulging muscle(s).

The final stand-off between all 153lbs of The Notorious and 149.5lbs of Money Mayweather went down a bit below the belt when the Irish UFC champ stripped off for the baying audience.

Among the hollering crowds was Floyd himself, who reacted to the presentation of manhood accordingly:

As you can see, Floyd seemed less than threatened by his long-term athletic rival, choosing instead to openly mock Conor’s rig.

He’s not the only one:

The long-term rivals have been locked in this, ever so slightly homoerotic stand off, standing to attention on the world’s stage, for months now.

You can watch some of their best bits below:

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If you were in any doubt the fight of the century was in some way symptomatic of a cock-measuring contest, your innocence can now be pronounced dead.

Now, let’s see how the pair measure up in the ring tonight…