Footage Shows Footballer Allegedly Slash Opponents With Razor Blade During Derby

Footballer slashes at rival team.@TV264/Ferit Erişçi/Instagram

Footage from Turkey shows a footballer allegedly slashing at his opponents with a sharp object during a derby match.

Turkish football club Sakaryaspor have alleged some of their players had been cut with a sharp object – thought to be a razor blade – during a match against rival team Amed SK.

Reports have suggested Amed SK midfielder Mansur Calar concealed the object in his hand while the pre-match handshakes took place.

Calar is then accused of using the object to slash at Sakaryaspor players prior to kick off.

Footage from local television station, TV264, shows Calar allegedly swiping at opposition defender Ferhat Yazgan,while he’s looking in another direction. Calar then allegedly tried to grab the Sakaryaspor player by his throat.

After the match, Yazgan is said to have shared images of injuries sustained during the ‘attack’ from Calar on Instagram.

The alleged attack led to a prolonged altercation between Calar and Yagan, leading to both of them being handed red cards even before kick off.

After the incident, Sakaryaspor filed a police report, where they claimed the referee had failed to intervene during the alleged attack.

The Sakaryaspor team have since released the following statement on Facebook:

After the match, our players were taken to hospital and it was proved that those cuts were caused as a result of an assault with a sharp object.

The issue is completely in the hands of the justice system.

However, Amed SK have also released their own statement where they claim the Sakaryaspor team’s statement ‘does not reflect the reality:’

Behind the Sakaryaspor match, we had to make an explanation about the fact that the competing team of athletes and broadcasters had been unfounded in the media about our athletes.

As it is known, the action of Sakaryaspor player Dilaver Güçlü during the yesterday’s Sakaryaspor match provoked our athletes and fans. The mentioned athlete continued his hand gestures by going to our bench in the reserve and then going to our reserve cabin. This athlete who wants to provoke the athletes and fans in a planned way continued this movement during the match.

These movements made by athletes to prepare the ground for the athletes to stretch tense. Again, the rival team and the publisher TV264, started the perception operation that our sportsman Mansur Player had a razor in his hand and injured razor and rival athletes.

The statement continued [translated]:

TV264’in social media service on the foot of our sportsman Mansur Player in the hands of any piercing-cutting tool was not reading while reading our national anthem on the left hand of the television logo was marked by marking his hands and were given the impression that something.

If the images are watched carefully, there will be no penetrating and cutting tools in the hands of our athlete.

Our athletes and our club with a tool lie the target of the other lie with the lie of our supporters and athletes of the Independence of the national anthem has also put forward the lie.

While reading the National Anthem, we have images taken by dozens of people. Many of them are published in social media.

Although this perception operation does not reflect the reality, it aims to target our club.

Bad feeling between the two rival clubs is thought to have began earlier in the season, during the reverse fixture, when nationalist songs – which glorify the Turkish army – were reportedly played in Sakaryaspor’s stadium in Adapazari.

Amed SK represents Diyarbakir, a city with a large Kurdish population. These nationalist songs were played during a period when the Turkish army was carrying out military operations against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militia group in northern Syria.

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