Football Hooligans Use This Insanely Brutal Sport To Train For Fights

by : UNILAD on : 31 Jul 2016 14:34
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This is the sport which is taking the world by storm after somebody noticed how insanely violent it is.


So picture the scene, a bunch of pretty fit guys get into a massive ring and beat the shit out of each other using whatever martial arts they see fit until only one guy is left. That’s the Team Fighting Championship, reports The Sun.

With a strong link to football hooliganism, especially the Russian Ultra’s, Team Fighting Championship (TFC) has already been dubbed a ‘football fight in a bar’ and been banned in the U.S.

The link to football firms is incredibly obvious and even the fights themselves could quite easily be mistaken for one of the many street fights at Euro 2016.


There have also been teams named JungVolk (CSKA Moskva), the Prague Boys  (Sparta Prague FC), Wisemen (IFK Gotburg), the Pyscho Fans (Ruch Chorzow FC), the Hooligans From Arka and the Lech Poznan Hooligans have all taken to the ring.

The aim of the game horrific and barbaric fist-fight, which is somewhat reminiscent of the gladiators, is to knock out every member of the opposing team. This includes a KO, technical knockout, or a retirement.


The game starts as a five on five match, with either team standing side by side until the fight kicks off when they pick an opponent and attempt to knock them out.

When one of the opponents is finished, the successor is free to pick another opponent to fight with or to help one of his teammates – which they often do by kicking their rival in the head.

Quickly the men start to drop as heavy punches and kicks are landed – typically the matches finish in a brutal five vs one fight.

As a massive fan of boxing, the brutality of the sport doesn’t phase me too much, however what does bother me is the endless head stomps.


The ‘last man standing’ fighting championship has no time limit and only ends when every member of one team has been knocked out or has given up.

So that’s one sport I’ll never be competing in – I think I’ll stick to fishing.

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