Football Is Coming Home After England’s 6-1 Win Against Panama

Harry Kane England World Cup penaltyGetty

Football is coming home following England’s stunning 6-1 win against Panama this afternoon.

The whole nation cheered in unison as England put away goal after goal showing the rest of the teams in the World Cup how it is done.

The man, the legend, Harry Kane scored a grand total of three goals, two from penalties, meaning he joins Gary Lineker and Sir Geoff Hurst on the list of England players to have ever scored a World Cup hat-trick.

Harry Kane England World Cup penaltyGetty

John Stones put two goals into the back of the net while Jesse Lingard curled an absolute belter in from about 20 yards out.

England fans took to Twitter to express their excitement at their team’s biggest win in an international tournament.

Jack Spooner enthusiastically wrote in the multiple choice style:


a bird

a plane


Jordan Meyer thought the brilliant performance from the England team means promising things lie ahead:

I don’t want to overreact because I know it’s only Panama, but I think England are the greatest team of all time, Gareth Southgate is the greatest manager of all time and England are going to win 18 back-to-back World Cups.


Tom Evans explained how everyone on his flight celebrated:

Only time clapping on a plane has ever been acceptable was when the pilot says:

‘Good afternoon ladies and gentleman we have arrived the time is 1:40pm, it is 21 degrees and England are 4-0 up’.


Erica Boswell’s boss was so ecstatic with the win they gave her the day off work:

Supposed to start work at two, got it pushed back to three so I can watch game. 2.30 get a text saying I can have the day off!!! IT’S COMING HOME!

Connor Andrews thought for the first time the squad felt like a team tweeting:

Best England performance iv seen in a while! The squads a group rather than individuals! IT’S COMING HOME!

Janina Ramirez lost her voice from cheering so much:

I’ve lost my voice!!! I can’t scream any more. This is the team I’ve dreamt of my adult life!! Can they go all the way??? It’s an actual possibility for once! GO ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!

With everyone tweeting ‘It’s coming home’ it is no wonder then the popular lyric was trending on Twitter.

In fact the trending section this afternoon (June 24) was just dominated by England fans as they celebrated an amazing performance.

england world cup trendingUNILAD/Twitter

The win has confirmed England’s place in the knock-out stages, getting their hands closer and closer to the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Today’s win was the first time the England team has scored four goals in a World Cup match since they took on Germany in the 1966 final.

They won the tournament that year so maybe 2018 is also England’s year…

On Thursday (June 28), England will take on Belgium who secured their second win beating Tunisia 5-2 on Saturday (June 23).

The match will determine who takes the top spot in Group G.

It’s coming home!

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