Football Team You Support Reveals How Good You Are In Bed, Study Claims

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While finding out what football team someone supports can be a turn off for many loyal fans, it seems there’s actually a correlation between a person’s favourite team and their performance in bed.

If finding out a prospective partner supports CrapTeam FC makes you run for the hills, you might want to take a moment to reconsider, as a recent study has found out which football teams have the best and worst fans in bed, and also which fans make the best partners.

The study did this by asking 3,500 adults what was the football team of choice for the person who gave them the best time in bed. And while 18 per cent didn’t know (who doesn’t know which team the person they’re in bed with supports? Outrageous. It’s alway the first thing I ask) the other 82 per cent revealed what they did know.

So which fans perform the best? Well, anyone dating an Arsenal fan is in luck, as those Gunners turned out top of the pile. Arsenal came out with 11 per cent of the vote, while Leicester City came in second with 10 per cent, followed closely by Brighton with nine per cent.

The study also asked participants which footie fans were the worst they’d experienced between the sheets, reports The Sun.

Unfortunately, it turns out those Red Devils failed to live up to the name, as Manchester United supporters topped the list of worst performances in bed, with 13 per cent of the vote. Newcastle came in sloppy seconds with nine per cent, while Cardiff City trailed behind in third place with seven per cent.

Dean North, a spokesperson for Football Tips, who carried out the study, said:

We always find it interesting to find out more about football fans and their personal lives, so we thought this would be an intriguing poll and the results didn’t disappoint.

It would seem that Manchester United fans may need to pay more attention to their sexual partners’ needs or ask them what it is they could do to improve!

The study also looked at who made the best partners overall.

Brighton came out on top, with 15 per cent of the vote, while Southampton and Leicester came in second and third, with 10 and 11 per cent respectively.

While it might take more than hearing you’re bad in bed to make you change your allegiances to a football club, the study was certainly enlightening to say the least, right?

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