Former Chelsea Prodigy Looking To Return To Big Time Using YouTube

by : UNILAD on : 31 Mar 2017 13:08
FFDTV Online

We all know Chelsea’s reputation when it comes to acquiring top youth talent. 


They’ve got countless players on loan around the world, and it’s perhaps expected that not all of them make the grade in the big leagues.

However, after being released by the Blues and passing through Barnet, 20-year-old midfielder Alfie Cain has shot to prominence on YouTube channel FFDTV Online, and he’s seriously talented.

Check him out: 


Cain’s silky skills have landed him work alongside Theo Walcott on an Adidas shoot, and he’s hoping that becoming a YouTube sensation lands him another shot with a pro club.

People will say a few tricks doesn’t make you a good player, but Cain is the perfect example of a promising young player falling through the cracks at a big club.

Another such example was Yasin Ben El-Mhanni, who was scouted by Newcastle United through his videos on FFDTV, and has since went on to make a handful of first team appearances under Rafa Benitez this season.

Cain is currently playing for Aylesbury United in the Southern League Division One, but with a bit of luck, not for much longer…

Check out more talented youngsters on FFDTV’s YouTube channel!

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