Former Premier League Referee Makes Shocking Claim About Corruption

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As the dust faded on the FA’s decision to ban Sergio Aguero for the next three games following his elbow on West Ham’s Winston Reid, most of the focus was on the joy of Manchester United fans.


Understandably really, given Manchester City have now lost their most prominent threat in front of goal, and their talisman.

However, quite a few City fans were questioning just why their appeal against the charge of violent conduct failed, given referee Andre Marriner was close to the incident and could clearly see what was going on.

That would of course mean any charge would be null and void, given if an official sees something and decides not to take action, the FA cannot do anything retrospectively.

Yet in this case, Mariner went full Arsene Wenger, and claimed he did not see it, hence the charge and ban.

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Seems reasonable right?

Well no, not according to the Mirror, after Mark Halsey came out on Twitter and claimed that allegedly the PGMOL, who are the organising body for elite officials in England, had previously told him to pretend he hadn’t seen something which he obviously had.

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Naturally that sparked a Twitter storm, with many fans, former players and media figures probing further, and claiming that was suspicious at best, and out and out corruption at worst.

Halsey tried to back track, claiming it was not actually the FA who apparently made those requests, but the PGMOL.


However, as anyone with half a brain has pointed out, given the PGMOL have a huge role to play when it comes to officiating in England, that is just as bad.


No word has come from the PGMOL or FA as of yet, but expect this storm to roll on, and on, and on, because face it, Halsey’s allegations aside, if referees see the event and do nothing, or fail to see it, they’ve not exactly done their job either way have they!

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