Four Things Arsenal Taught Us This Weekend


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It’s the same old, same old for Arsenal fans.

The Gunners managed to get a point at home against Liverpool, when really they should have stolen all three with an Aaron Ramsey goal, wrongly judged to be offside.

That is one thing, and Wenger might moan, but the club really need to take a long look at themselves.

If they think they can win the league with this squad, and with performances like these, they are sadly mistaken.

The most frustrating thing for Arsenal fans is that they really are a couple of players (and some would tell you, a change in manager) away from being the real deal.

With that in mind, here are four things we learnt from the north London side after their 0-0 draw.

Form is temporary, class is permanent

Petr Cech was much maligned after his debut performance for the Gunners – and rightly so.

It was beyond poor, but this man has been one of the best – if not the best – in the Premier League for the last ten years.

Anyone who didn’t think he would come good was either deluding themselves or a Chelsea fan, praying a double agent was on the case in north London.

Cech, and his counterpart Simon Mignolet, were outstanding at times during the heavyweight clash, and the Czech Republic international saved his side a point.

Yes, Arsene , you need a forward

Karim Benzema was supposedly on his way to the Emirates – until he took to Twitter right before the game to quash the rumours that is.

Benzy will be staying at Real Madrid (because, let’s face it, why would you leave Real or Barcelona unless you weren’t playing or were being forced out), so Wenger needs to look elsewhere.

Fans might as well get over the idea of landing Gonzalo Higuain or Edinson Cavani right now, because that’s just paper talk.

Paper talk because journalists can’t link them to Benzema anymore.

Arsenal need a world beater up top. In reality, the fans would be lucky to see Charlie Austin at the club given Wenger’s summer spending so far.

Strength in depth just isn’t there

Look at what Wenger had to put out at the back. Not to mention his forward line-up. It’s not good enough.

Yes, Coquelin may have been hailed the saviour for the middle of the park, and there is no doubting the boy is top draw. He is – but what does Wenger do when he gets injured? Because he will.

There is no real strength to the Arsenal squad, and when you play as many games as they do, and have as many injuries, you have to have two quality players for each position.

Half the time, they don’t even have one.

Injury issues already

Is it a shock to anyone? Probably not. Arsenal have more injury and illness issues than any other club out there.

Not only are they already missing Jack Wilshere, but they had to face Liverpool in a huge clash without their first choice centre backs.

Something is amiss with the medical department at the club, because players spend longer on the sidelines than they do on the field.

As the season goes on, the injury pile up will increase. That’s just a way of life for Wenger and the fans now.